Forklift Parts That Need Often Replacement

The forklifts demand regular maintenance. In addition to scheduled tune-ups, you also need to know what parts you need to replace and when. This can help you can save time and money. Here are the most common forklift parts that need to be replaced by mechanics and maintenance personnel.

Air filters

Air filters are an important replaceable part of a forklift. These help to clean up the air circulating through the internal combustion engine, so that no dirt and debris get into the forklift’s engine. So, their regular replacement is crucial to prolong the life of the engine. Though sometimes it may appear to be clean, it needs to be replaced at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer.


A forklift horn is important safety equipment. The operator depends upon the horn to warn other workers at intersections and blind corners. So if the forklift horn is broken, or is not giving out proper sound, it can create a hazard at your workplace. Get it replaced by an experienced technician who knows exactly where the forklift horn components are located.

Oil Filter

An oil filter cleans the oil that runs through the forklift internal combustion engine. It helps to minimize friction, hence preventing wear and tear and maximizing the efficiency of the machine. Thus it is important to change the oil filters during forklift maintenance to ensure that the engine is properly protected.

Forklift Chain

The forklift chain is a key component in the hydraulic lift system. It often wears out with time, that can lead to a dropped load. It can be disastrous for inventory as well as workers. So, it needs to be replaced immediately before it disrupts the performance of the forklift. Sometimes the chain even stretches after long use. Then, a maintenance expert can measure the level of its elongation and can give a proper advice if a replacement is necessary.

Spark Plugs

Forklift spark plugs help the internal combustion engine to cause ignition of fuel and extract energy from it. If the spark plugs are worn out and not work properly, it can result in misfiring engines, lack of acceleration, less efficient fuel consumption. Moreover, with the passage of time, the spark plugs are exposed to dirt and hamper the process of drawing energy from the fuel. So, they must be replaced for the forklift to perform reliably.

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